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From consulting to designing to pouring concrete to building – we can do it all for you.

Have a look below at some of our more recent projects.

Skating rinks, schools, large-scale retail renovations and agricultural facilities.

These are some of the types and sizes of projects our company has experience with in the construction industry. Some major projects in recent years include:

  • Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre in Assiniboia.
  • Shurniak Art Gallery in Assiniboia.
  • Meyers Norris Penny office in Swift Current.
  • Best Western Inn in Swift Current.
  • Tim Hortons in Swift Current.
  • Asaskak Complex


Metal Building Consulting


Metal Building Designing

We will provide the expertise, high quality concrete and great work for your custom build, one of our pre-engineered building, or your own project. Frontier Builders are here to advise you on the best approach and materials, and we’ll have it at your jobsite when you need it.